Can You Fix Your Air Conditioner in Winter? - A Guide for Homeowners

Most homeowners know that spring is the ideal time to schedule air conditioning unit maintenance. But what if you need to repair or install an air conditioner during the winter months? Can it be done? The answer is yes, but there are a few things to consider before taking the plunge. In general, manufacturers recommend not using an air conditioning system when temperatures reach 60 degrees or lower. This is because running the air conditioner during the winter months can cause the coils to freeze and lead to widespread damage of moving parts.

If you decide to turn on the air conditioner, do so only when the outside temperature stays above 60 (preferably above 6 degrees) for at least a few days to ensure that no ice builds up around the condenser.

When you install a new air conditioning system during the winter, you can turn it on when temperatures start to rise during the spring; this means that you'll benefit from the energy-saving benefits of using an efficient air conditioning system all season long.

Rheem is known for the longevity, reliability, and reliability of its climate systems, and the Rheem Endeavor RH2TZ air controller is no different. Believe it or not, air conditioners should not be inspected too early in the season when it's cold, as they could damage the air conditioning system and cause unnecessary repairs. When you install a new air conditioning system during the winter, you don't have to worry about the stress and inconvenience that will result when you need emergency replacement services if the old system fails unexpectedly. Some of the reasons why it's more economical to replace the air conditioning system during the winter have been listed above. With more than 60 years of experience providing superior HVAC services, the professionals at Greens Energy Services can expertly handle even your most challenging air conditioning repair needs. If your air conditioner needs any repairs, do it now; this is a good time to schedule maintenance and tune-up to detect any problems and prevent them from worsening during the winter.

Following the manufacturer's recommendations on the use of the air conditioner and not operating it when the outside temperature is too low can avoid these consequences and keep the air conditioner working efficiently when you need it most. Air conditioning removes heat or, more accurately, “transfers” heat from inside to outside, keeping it cooler inside. However, there comes a point where repairing your air conditioning unit may not be the best decision. During refrigeration season, HVAC contractors are in high demand and will be fully occupied. Make sure your air conditioning installation is well planned instead of opting for emergency replacement services during summer. Call today to learn how Georgia Air and Trane can help you avoid winter cold and keep your air conditioning system running efficiently every season.

Whether you need to repair a new or old air conditioner, Greens Energy Services is an HVAC company you can trust. If you feel that your house is poorly ventilated or too hot but outside temperature is below 65°C, use your air conditioner fan to circulate air, open a window or lower thermostat to make space more comfortable. In conclusion, while it is possible to repair or install an air conditioner in winter, it's best to wait until spring if possible. If you must repair or install an AC unit in winter, make sure that temperatures stay above 60 degrees for several days before turning on your AC unit. Additionally, make sure that you follow all manufacturer's instructions for use and maintenance of your AC unit.

Finally, if you need help with repairs or installation of an AC unit in winter, contact a professional HVAC contractor like Greens Energy Services for assistance.

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