Should a new ac unit need freon?

Unless you have a refrigerant leak in your new air conditioning unit, you typically won't need to recharge the system with refrigerant more often than every few years. If your unit is not producing cold air, you can check the refrigerant lines to see if they are split, if they have holes, or if they have been otherwise damaged. Yes, most of today's air conditioning units need freon to work properly. However, after the initial installation, they only need more freon if there is a leak.

If you notice that your coolant levels are low and you've been using your system for years, there's a good chance you'll have a leak. Unlike the refrigerant for cars, the air conditioner should never need more freon. The coils through which it flows are an enclosed space, which means that freon should not run out. The only way for your air conditioner to be low on freon is if there is a leak in the system, so contact a professional if you think your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak.

So, if that's the case, how often do air conditioners need freon? Most systems need a professional HVAC contractor to replace the freon once every two to five years. The most important exception to this rule is when there is a leak in the air conditioning system, which decreases the amount of refrigerant in an air conditioning unit over time. We know how to check the refrigerant level in air conditioners, how to check the refrigerant in your air conditioning system, and how to add refrigerant to an air conditioning unit. So what is refrigerant for air conditioning units? The refrigerant is a compound or chemical substance, normally found in a gaseous or fluid state, that is used in a heat cycle to move heat from one place to another.

To check for refrigerant leaks and other system problems, be sure to schedule air conditioner maintenance at least once a year. But how often does a house's air conditioner need to be recharged? Well, most systems can work by replacing freon every two to five years. We'll explain how an air conditioner uses refrigerant and what to do if you think your system is low on refrigerant. While freon is added to an air conditioning system during installation, you may be wondering when is the right time to charge it.

However, the most important exception to this rule is when there is a leak in the air conditioning system, which over time decreases the amount of refrigerant in the air conditioning unit. Rather than simply adding more refrigerant to your system and costing you a lot of freon, an air conditioning expert should spend some time fixing the problem. When the outside temperature is almost intolerable in summer, most people rely on the refrigerant in their air conditioning system to keep their commercial and residential spaces cool all season long. As such, we'll take care of each and every one of your HVAC issues, leaving your system up and running again in no time.

If these steps are performed by an accredited HVAC technician, your system will be up and running in no time. Express Air Conditioning and Heating has been providing professional, high-quality service for air conditioners and heating units in Pensacola and surrounding areas for years.

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